We will definitely be back in 2020!

Hearing lots of athletes say this as they were saying goodbye, made it clear that the Dutch Open (Combat) Sambo Tournament was, once again, a big success.

From 15 till 17 March, De Trefkoele in Dalfsen was once more the centre of an abundance of national and international Sambo, Combat Sambo and Hand-to-Hand Fighting.

More than 500 athletes from over 20 countries swarmed to Dalfsen, the Netherlands, to compete at a high level of different combat sports to decide who would be the next champion.

The eagerness to win was obvious, judging by the dedication all athletes showed in the ring.
Juniors, Cadets as well as Seniors from countries such as France, Belgium, Germany and UK, but even as far away as Canada, the United States and Russia fought for what they were worth.
The result was beautifully fought matches, sometimes resulting in minor injuries, but above all a show of talent, respect for one another and the combat sports in general.

Budo Promotion Ommen and Emsland Sport & Recreatie, under auspices of the Dutch Sambo Bond Nederland, rose to the occasion in organising this big tournament, which was held for the 28th time already.

The competence of all fighters resulted in fights that could have gone either way, making it quite the spectacle for the audience that had shown up in great numbers.

For the Netherlands, this tournament was especially successful: Paula Bourgonje, Leena van den Bos, Chevelle Fransen (who also won silver in the Girls Competition), Ashley Sheikh Hosseini, Janiek Scholten, Zoë Klunder, Niek Lamberts, Danny Bastiaans, Mistral Janssen, Nils Koedam, Levi Singerling, Danial Ahmadi, all managed to fight their way to a gold medal and the title of Dutch Champion.

Yousra Hider, Sacha Gorissen, Daniël Wassenaar, Jasper van den Born, Olaf Peters, Nanne Scholten, Angelina Blanken, Lindy Zandman, Vera van ’t Zand, Ahmed Ahmadi, Mart Veurink, Mike Joop Jesse van Rij, Joost Daudey, Lars Brinkhuis battled their way to a wonderful silver medal.

Third place and bronze medal was awarded to Michael Kollee, Kiki Hoogink, Fleur van Belzen, Meret Pieterse, Jade Claassen, Aimée Villerius, Lennox Gerrits, Ruben Singerling, Connor Sluiter, Kai van der Lingen and Dylan Smulders.

The vast amount of Dutch names on the podium made it once again very clear at what level the Dutch Sambokas are participating in both Sambo and Combat Sambo.

Thanks to the professional organisation of Budo Promotion Ommen and Emsland Sport & Recreatie, the Open Dutch (Combat) Sambo Tournament continues to increase in popularity, not just within the Netherlands, but also far across the Dutch borders!

A big thank you goes out to all athletes, coaches and trainers for your fierceness, dedication, talent and sportsmanship that was so very clear throughout the entire tournament. A tournament that, as should be mentioned, can only be made a true success due to the efforts of all the referees and volunteers who put their heart and soul into it,

A special and heartfelt thank you goes out to Frank Ningbers who has put many, many hours of his pastime in organising this tournament.  Thank you all and we hope to welcome you all again in 2020!